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Warm congratulations to the singing of the mowing boat contract between Our Company and a customer from the USA and our technical cooperation agreement with our American partner, this means that our company formally enter the European and American market!

Hunan Water surface rubish cleaning ship model DF-BJ-180

key word: Hunan Water surface rubish cleaning ship model DF-BJ-180

Please choose the standard manufacture of having the ship production qualification when buying the wowing ship

The ship is a two-head monomer, double machine double propeller hydralic electric control of  the water floating boat;

The vessel is mainly used in the large reservoir and river, the river salvage collection of water hyacinth, floats, trunk, and the water grass, can will collect garbage unload to the carrier, dock or through conveyor relay to the slope of the larger the shore;

Ship bow IS installed two mechanical gripper can be large trees, garbage piles of debris decomposition, scraping, through the stainless steel mesh belt conveyor to the ship;


Conveyor belt  is installed on high strength stainless steel plate, can withstand the tree branches and other large floats the water, easy to collect and make them smoothly into the storage tank.



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