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Warm congratulations to the singing of the mowing boat contract between Our Company and a customer from the USA and our technical cooperation agreement with our American partner, this means that our company formally enter the European and American market!

Cyanophytes Harvester DF-LZ-185

key word: Cyanophytes Harvester DF-LZ-185

The large cyanophytes harvester is designed to solve the difficulty in picking up sparsely scattered floating blue algae, it uses a small fixed fence and a large telescopic fence to collect blue algae, so that a thick layer of blue algae are gathered in the small fixed fence at both side of the boat for easy pick-up, and improve the pick-up efficiency. The specially designed pick-up bucket uses rigid framework and flexible liner; the picked algae and water mixture is filtered during lifting and rotation to filter out part of the water, and a mixture with higher density is obtained, and thus a primary algae/water separation is realized.

The mixture obtained after preliminary algae/water separation is conveyed by a conveyer belt equipped with super absorbent material PVA to filter out another part of the water in the algae/water mixture, at the same time, a scraping type receiver board collects the algae/water mixture and further remove some of the water contained in the mixture to realize further algae/water separation.


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