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Warm congratulations to the singing of the mowing boat contract between Our Company and a customer from the USA and our technical cooperation agreement with our American partner, this means that our company formally enter the European and American market!

Debris Skimmers DF-BJ-90

key word: Debris Skimmers DF-BJ-90


The fully automatic water surface cleaning boat is easy and simple to operate, the operator can lightly control the collection of float rubbish by simply pressing by the button on the console in the cab, the collection arms can well combine with the front, middle and rear collection cabins, and its operation is continuous and stable; The boat uses sleeping cabin drive method, the stern axis has a high-precision water-lubricated sealing device, so there is no oil leakage during work, the engine has low noise, with the emission level up to European Ⅱ standard, the boat completely meets the requirements of environmental protection;
It has a wide collection scope, not only it can clean larger long-shaped floating garbage, but also it can clean smaller flaky floating garbage, all gathering, picking up, filtering and unloading operations are completed automatically with high work efficiency, equivalent to dozens of times of that of a manual pick-up boat.
It is a fully automatic sweeping and cleaning boat, its collection tank is equipped with a stainless steel conveyor belt, which can timely filter the water brought up during picking up the garbage and will not easily rust, it is durable and has long service life, it is a weeding and cleaning dual purpose boat, and it features simple structure, easy to operate, environmentally friendly and energy-saving. Ii is suitable for use in shallow waters of rivers, parks, power plants and other areas, it will not only can clean the floating garbage on water surface, it can also clear the underwater aquatic weeds, so as to create an overall clean environment, and so it is a unique equipment for large area ??water surface cleaning in rivers.


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